It seems that nothing ever moves slowly in the life of Hohepa Rutene


At the age of 24, his list of achievements is something to really be admired. But Hohepa, or ‘Hops’ as he’s sometimes known, wasn’t always the accomplished businessman that he is today.

Three and a half years later, he decided that the time was right to make a move to Wellington, where he soon found himself working alongside former Maori All Black’s captain Brendon Blake at his barbershop known as the Blade and Boar.

A year later, when Brendon felt that it was time to move on, Hohepa saw a golden opportunity and, with the help of his father, became the Blade and Boar’s new owner in 2017 at the age of just 21.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Blade and Boar has expanded into three different locations in the North Island. Ponsonby, Wellington and, lastly, the Wynyard Quarter on Auckland’s waterfront, in 2018. He’s also released what he hopes to be the first of many hair care product’s called Micky Day, with 10% of all proceeds going to Movember, a charity set up to help men fight prostate cancer, depression and mental health. 

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