Freshen Up Your Cut With 6 
At-Home Grooming Tips, According To A Barber

If you’re used to popping to the barber on the reg things will start to get real pretty soon. The shorter the hair, the faster it seems to grow and many of us are staring at a hairy future without a trip to the pros for a refresh for the forseeable.

We asked top barber Hohepa Rutene, owner of the rad Boar & Blade barber shops in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand for his top tips on maintaining your style during lockdown. Because even though we’re just kicking about at home, we don’t need to go Sasquatch just yet.


The longer your hair the less frequently you need to wash it. The further the ends are away from the scalp, the longer it takes for the grease to travel down the hair shaft. Washing your hair daily will only dry your scalp out and contribute to a fluffy crowning glory, unless the pompadour look is what you’re after. If your hair is longer you could use a brush everyday to distribute the oils from your scalp to the ends to stop them from drying out as much. When shampooing you're removing the dirt and by conditioning you’re putting moisture back into the hair.

The basic rule of thumb with styling is that matte products will be good to achieve a get-out-of-bed hair do, shorter mesier styles, or long surfer locks. Gels will give your hair a more constructed look. Use a small 10-cent-piece amount and work it through the whole hair then style to your desired look. For shine I recommend a hair pomade which is great for slick looks such as the pompadour and comb overs. Less is always more and if you over do it it can leave your hair looking greasy and dirty. Fail.

Some people don't like using products at all so I recommend something like a sea salt spray that you can add in when the hair is wet and leave to dry naturally. This will stop it going fluffy.

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